For years, I felt like almost everything I ate upset my stomach.

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I thought I just had a sensitive stomach. I finally thought it could be a food intolerance. So I picked the two things I eat almost every day; milk and wheat. Milk wasn’t it. I stopped eating wheat for a while, was slowly feeling a better, then one day decided to eat a sub sandwich. I had my answer. I felt awful. It makes sense to me now why my favorite cereal would be one of the worse offenders. I thought maybe it was the milk or overall amount of sugar (wheat carbs + lactose + fructose). Since it’s such a huge staple, it was hard for me to imagine it was wheat.

Since I’ve stopped eating wheat, I’ve been surprised by some changes. I’ve been losing a few pounds without really trying. My energy levels are improving; I’m not as exhausted after work anymore. I feel much sharper now: before, I felt like my brain was foggy. Now I think of replies, solutions, and remember things much quicker. My biggest surprise is that I noticed I started dreaming again. I’m surprised what getting rid of wheat has done for my brain.

Also, since I’ve stopped eating wheat, I’ve been able to pinpoint what other things cause me problems. Now I know why Snickers bars upset my stomach so much. Turns out peanuts cause me issues as well. I never really ate peanuts/stuff with peanut oil that often anyway.

For me, it turns out giving up wheat is not to be as hard as I thought it might be. Ordering at restaurants is just a little more time consuming than before. There are only a few places near me that have no wheat free options, mostly sandwich shops, but most have a “wrap” option where I just don’t eat the tortilla. Every once in a while, I do see something I used to eat, like pizza or hamburgers, and think, “Aww, I wish I could still eat that.” But I’m more than ok with bacon and eggs instead of cereal for breakfast, or salads with chicken instead of sandwiches for lunch, or steak and 2 veggies instead of steak, veggies, and pasta for dinner. :)


Major events from 2010 and more

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Usually I try to update at least once a year, but time always flies :)

As of October 11th, I’m no longer a consultant and am now a full time Applications Developer at JP Morgan Chase. It’s nice to have the security of a full time job again.

Engagement ringWe’ve been talking about it for what seems like forever, but now it’s truly official: Dan and I are engaged! Early Christmas morning, just after we had woken up together, Dan said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Although, I can’t say it was a surprise because I had the ring custom made for me around Thanksgiving :)  I wanted the band to be unique and have a modest stone. I didn’t want a diamond so I picked a pink sapphire. It was hard for me to stop looking at it once I got it. :) We’re getting married on Febuary 22nd 2012 in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.

In January, we bought a house! It’s 4 bedroom, 2.5 batch,  2,100 sq feet, full unfinished basement. The thing that made me fall in love with the house is the back yard. It’s a wooded lot that backs up to a park, meaning we’ll never have neighbors behind us. In the pictures you can see there is a bridge; the bridge goes over a creek that has water in it when it rains. We’ve seen a few deer, tons of birds, and I think one neighbor has all the squirrels relocated so I hardly see them. lol. I was told our back yard used to be a Japanese garden about 10 years ago. Someday we will work to clean it up more and start some gardens. Just as we moved in, someone Dan knows was downsizing so we bought a really nice pool table off of him. We also bought a conversion thing for the pool table so we can use it as a ping pong table as well.


We had a cook out at our house for the first time. My coworker Kitty helped out a bunch. Thanks Kitty! It was a lot of fun. We ate food, played pool, sat outside on our deck, and played some Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I’m hoping to have more parties at my house in the future :)

Until next time…


So much has happened…

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Where to start…

It’s not a secret that the company I used to work for cut everyone’s pay by 25%. With the pay cut, my bills each month were more than what I was making. I was lucky that I had money saved. I didn’t know until later that my starting salary was pretty low in the first place. It was definitely stressful and hugely demotivating.

Dan and I agreed that the job environment in Michigan wasn’t encouraging. We decided that I would look for a job outside of the state, and he would look for jobs where ever I found one. We decided this would be our little “adventure” together.

Thanks to a friend, who I really haven’t thanked enough yet, I was able to get a new job working as a consultant at JP Morgan Chase.

In November, the week before my 28th birthday, Dan and I moved to New Albany, Ohio. Because I was paying for the move, I used the last of my savings for the rental truck, movers, apartment deposits, and the first month’s rent. Also not long after I started my new job, there was a two week furlough for contractors. It was a little rough, but by the end of this month, I will finally be able to save money again.

I know my struggle is not the worst. I feel incredibly lucky that the timing worked out where I could just pick up and move. I feel very fortunate to be supported by my friends and family. I am very grateful, and will always remain optimistic.


A real update?

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I guess it’s been a while since I’ve written a real update. I’ll get right on that… tomorrow. 😀


Another trip to Oklahoma +3

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Dan and I are going to be in Oklahoma from Thursday night April 2nd to Thursday afternoon-ish the 9th. What’s more exciting about this trip is that Dan’s mom, dad and sister are going to be coming with us and staying for the weekend. I’m excited for everyone to finally meet! I hope it will be warm when we go. This time I will have my own camera so I can take pictures. 😀

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